When you get your first DWI, you should have already learned your lesson. Hence, when you get a 2nd DWI in Missouri, that is an entirely different story.

What is a 2nd DWI in Missouri?

It is when you get caught by a cop driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol for a second time. The reason why this is a serious crime is that you can harm innocent motorists, not just yourself. Unfortunately, a penalty can be a one-year jail sentence and a possible $1,000 fine. Your driver’s licence may also be confiscated by the authorities so you will be unable to drive for a few weeks. You can actually get jail time on the first offence so the second one means longer jail time. If you even reach a third DWI charge, then that will be considered a felony charge. It will be doubtful that you will ever be able to drive again in Missouri.

Who is this article about a 2nd DWI in Missouri for?

This article is for people who already have a DWI record in Missouri. You would not want a second one or that is another one on your record and it would be extremely hard to get a job as it is. You could be limited to what you can do in life and you’re lucky if people still want to be friends with you. This article is also for people who are used to drinking alcohol while driving. if they did not know that habit could put them in jail then now they do.

Examples of a 2nd DWI in Missouri

One example is when a guy gets caught driving a car after he just came from a long party of drinking. His friends decide to stay and go home the next day and he decides to just go straight home. Unfortunately, the decision is not a good one and he gets caught. Another example is when a driver sees his friends drinking and then goes along with them. All three of them eventually get arrested and this is not the best-case scenario for any of them. You would not want to be influenced by your friends while you are driving as you will spend more time in jail than them. They can even deny influencing you to drive and they can easily get out of it. It is the driver’s sole responsibility to avoid drinking alcohol while behind the wheel at any circumstances even if there are no cops because it is for your own good.

Where can I find more information about a 2nd DWI in Missouri?

The websites of good law firms such as Hammer Law Firm and Korner Law are credible resources when it comes to getting information about a 2nd DWI. It is evident you must hire a lawyer from those firms in order to possibly get the charge waived. You should tell the truth to your lawyer though as they know how to handle this in the best way possible.