How to renew a green card? To renew a green card you will need to file Form I-90, the Application for Advance Processing of a Green Card Renewal. The form, which can be found on USCIS’ website, is submitted by mail or through an online filing system. As of April 2018 the current fee for a renewal is about $460 and it has increased substantially since the costs have increased over time. If you are renewing your green card due to marriage, you will also need to submit Form I-130 as part of your application package.

The benefits of a green card

  1. Employment eligibility

A green card holder is authorized to work and live in the USA. A green card enable an individual to legally reside in the USA and gives a person the right to remain permanently. A green card holder is entitled to live permanently and legally in the U.S., take up a job, and pursue a career anywhere within the United States at any time with no restrictions, subject to some exceptions. One can live permanently in any state he wants without any limitations like just living in specified states in US, you do not have any geographical limitations if you are a green card holder.

  1. Permanent Residency

Just like an American citizen, a Green Card holder is entitled to permanent residency status in the United States. That means you can live in the US permanently and work anywhere in the US as well. You will also be allowed to apply for citizenship through a naturalization process.

  1. Work authorization

A green card holder is authorized to take up a job in the US. The same authorization applies if he want to start his own business and get some investment from US citizens and permanent residents through E2 visa or EB-5 visa. A green card holder can also apply for an E2 visa on behalf of his family members as well. But, there are certain government department requirements that need to be fulfilled before applying for an E2 visa, like getting a work permit which is known as Employment Authorization Document or EAD from USCIS and applying for the same at an embassy or consulate of the United States based on geographic location of applicant’s current country of residence like India, Pakistan or China etc.

  1. Stay in the US to visit extended family

If a green card holder has a relative in the US, he can visit them and even stay there for extended period of time. A green card holder can also apply to live in the US under certain exceptions such as an orphan or having a foster care children.

  1. Travel abroad for any purpose

A green card holder is authorized to travel out of the US to go and see friends or family members outside the country, even as far as Canada or Mexico without any limitations. However, he cannot leave the US without notifying USCIS first before he travels outside the country. He must also inform USCIS about his travel plans and plan of returning to the US within 45 days from his departure. If a green card holder does not disclose all the information about his plan, he will be punished by more than $1000 fine per day.

  1. Get a professional job in US

A green card holder can apply for a professional job in the US if he meets some requirements and fulfill the requirement for this type of job as well. Also, you may earn green cards through employment such as filing a petition with USCIS on behalf of your employer to get an investor visa such as E2 visas or EB-5 visa through investment in certain real estate projects or property etc.